SSMT was founded in 2008. We are a small group with room to expand. Overseas applications are welcome! Yokohama is a vibrant city right next to Tokyo (actually part of the Tokyo metropolitan area), and YNU is situated in a tranquil neighborhood with lots of green and great views of both the Yokohama Bay area and Mt Fuji.
Don't hesitate to contact group leader (hannes [AT] regarding positions, scholarships, student admissions and so on.
Please send position inquiries to group leader (hannes [AT] Include CV, list of publications, and 2-3 references.
Postdoc grants available from JSPS. Application deadlines are in August and March for 1 to 2 year postdoc positions starting about 6 months later. For details application on application procedures, contact hannes [AT]
Brazilian candidates look here, too.
Grad School
PhD and MSc students from Japan and overseas are welcome! Short-term or long-term. Regular PhD courses start either in April or September. For entrance formalities, scholarships and such, see here.
PhD and MSc projects range from running ab initio simulations of defected solids or molecular systems to pen-and-paper theory and method development.
We are fully aware of the fact that graduate studies in Japan (for Japanese students) may be quite a financial burden. There are ways to ease such burdens via external funding etc. Only way to find out is to ask.
Motivated students interested in quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, materials science, and condensed matter theory are most welcome.
The 4th year course consists of textbook seminars, group meetings, and your own research project. Expect the textbook seminars to be more difficult than your undergrad studies so far. 4th year students must contact H. Raebiger before applying!
We welcome undergraduate students at any stage of their studies (not only 4th year students) to participate in our research projects. Students will get a desk, computer, and their own research project, which, if carried out seriously, can be published in a scientific journal and/or presented at national or international conferences.
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