Hannes Raebiger (HR), associate professor (office W704, x4149, hannes [AT] ynu.ac.jp).
Group leader of SSMT since September 2008.
Post-doc at NREL, supervised by Alex Zunger 2006-2008.
MSc (2002) and DSc (2006) from COMP at Aalto University (it was called Helsinki University of Technology back then).
Graduate Students
Soungmin Bae
(MEXT-grantee BSc 2013-2014; MSc 2014-2016; Researcher at KAIST 2018-2019; DSc student 2019-; office W707)
Noriaki Egawa
(BSc student 2018-2020; MSc student 2020-; office W707)
Koichiro Sugita
(BSc student 2019-2020; MSc student 2020-;office W707)
Bachelor Students
Kanji Hachikoku
(BSc student 2021-; office W707)
Fuma Fukuto
(BSc student 2021-; office W707)
Past members & where are they now
Shuhei Fukutomi
(BSc 2009-2010, MSc 2010-2012); employee of NTTcom
Dr Ryuta Yoshimatsu
(BSc 2011-2012); PhD from ETH Zürich July 2017; presently employee of D ONE Solutions AG (Zürich).
Hikaru Nakayama
(BSc 2010-2011, MSc 2011-2013); employee of NEC
Mikko Nummela
(Exchange student from Aalto University Jun-Aug 2012 & Jul-Sep 2013)
Dr Takeshi Fujita
(Research student 2008-2009; MSc 2009-2011; PhD 2011-2014; employee of Nalux Co Ltd.)
Toshiya Kagawa
(BSc 2011-2012; MSc student 2012-; employee of Advantest Corporation)
Ririe Unotsu
(BSc 2013-2014; MSc student at YNU Graduate School of Environment and Information Science)
Dr Claudio Padilha
(Sandwich PhD program with UFABC, Internship at YNU June-Sep 2015)
Masaki Iwaya
(BSc 2015-2016; employee of Fuji Xerox)
Masamichi Kaiba
(BSc 2015-2016; employee of Fujitsu)
Takuma Munehiro
(BSc 2015-2016; MSc student at Univ. of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences)
Kuniaki Ono
(BSc 2015-2016; MSc student at Yokohama City College Tachikawa group)
Chiho Shirakata
(BSc student 2016-2017; MSc student at Umehara lab)
Dr Daisuke Yoshida
(BSc 2011-2012; Research assistant 2012-2013; MSc student 2013-2015; DSc student 2015-2018; presently researcher at Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan)
Yosuke Taki
(BSc student 2018-2019; MSc student at Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Kohsuke Sakai
(BSc student 2018-2019; employee of Meidensha)
Ryohei Fukushima
(BSc student 2018-2019; employee of Bank of Yokohama)
Kodai Ichihashi
(BSc student 2017-2018; MSc student 2018-2020; employee of Micron Technology)
Koichi Koshino
(BSc student 2017-2018; MSc student 2018-2020; employee of Murata Manufacturing)
Riku Shirota
(BSc student 2017-2018; MSc student 2018-2020; employee of Japan Zeon)
Masaya Asakura
(BSc student 2019-2020; MSc student at University of Tokyo)
Joseph Kaore
(MSc student 2018-2021)
Seokkyu An
(BSc student 2020-2021; MSc student at University of Tokyo)
Kosuke Osima
(BSc student 2020-2021; MSc student at University of Electro Communications)
This is a list of people and institutes with past, present, or future collaborations with HR and/or the SSMT. The people below are listed in no particular order, and the list is will never be complete.
International Collaborators
Gustavo Dalpian (UFABC)
Both HR and GMD have an NREL background; ongoing collaboration on nanostructure, nanointerface, and defect theory for memristor devices.
A.C.M. Padilha from Dalpian group internship at YNU Jun-Sep 2015.
HR visiting professor at UFABC Apr 2014 - Mar 2015.
HR visiting professor at UFABC Sep 16-28, 2013.
Alex Zunger (Center for Inverse Design and CU Boulder)
Alex was the post-doc mentor of HR. We still collaborate related to magnetism in semiconductors or insulators, defect theory, fixing LDA errors, and theories of self-regulating response.
Stephan Lany (NREL)
HR used to work together with Stephan at Alex Zunger's NREL, Colorado. We keep collaborating on corrections and amendments to LDA et al.
Visit to SSMT & Yamashita group at the Univ. of Tokyo May 16, 2013.
Andres Ayuela (DIPC, CSIC, EHU, San Sebastian, Spain)
HR wrote his first papers together with Andres, who now is in sunny San Sebastian. Our most recent collaboration involves self-interaction correction calculations of polaronic states in semiconductors.
Prof. Ayuela visited the SSMT May 7-11, 2011.
HR spent one month as visiting professor at DIPC (Jun 3 - Jul 3, 2011).
Aalto University (Helsinki/Espoo, Finland)
Aalto is the alma mater of HR, where he still has numerous collaborations. Main collaborators include Filip Tuomisto, Risto Nieminen, Martti Puska, Adam Foster, and Maria Sammalkorpi.
The most active ongoing collaboration is with Filip regarding positrons in various other envoronments; Filip leads the experimental positron group at Aalto. Risto, Martti, and Adam are members of COMP (EPM and SIN groups), and Maria leads the Novel Materials via Self-Assembly Group at the department of Chemistry.
Prof. Foster and his SIN group visited SSMT Nov 25, 2011 (see blog)
Prof. Tuomisto visited SSMT/HR March 6, 2012.
HR visit to COMP, Aalto university Dec 8-12, 2008.
HR visit to Aalto (Positron group and Novel Materials via Self-Assembly Group at the Departments of Physcs and Chemistry, respectively) Oct 10 - Nov 2, 2012.
Stefano Sanvito (Trinity College Dublin)
Shared interest in self-interaction (and other) corrections to LDA, quantum chemistry, magnetism, etc.
HR invited as external examiner in the PhD evaluation of Ruairi Hanafin Jun 29, 2009; visit to TCD Jun 28 - Jul 5, 2009.
Domestic Collaborators
Kaoru Ohno (YNU, Department of Physics)
Main collaborator at YNU. Most of our student seminars are held jointly, and we have the same administrative assistant. Prof. Ohno is one of the main authors of the TOMBO mixed-basis all-electron code that does DFT, GW and beyond.
Kenichi Shudo (YNU, Department of Physics)
Main experimental collaborator at YNU. We have various ongoing projects in collaboration with Prof. Shudo's experimental group regarding scanning probe microscopies and surface dynamics.
Masanori Tachikawa (Yokohama City University, Department of Nanosystem Science)
We have occasionally joint seminars with Prof. Tachikawa and his group, and collaborate on quantume chemical calculations of small molecules, with and without positrons therein.
External referee for the MSc thesis of Shuhei Fukutomi (2012)
Intensive course on quantum chemical calculations at YNU Aug 7-9, 2013 (organized by SSMT/HR)
Yoshiyuki Kawazoe (Tohoku University)
Prof. Kawazoe is our main collaborators in Sendai, mainly involved in our fundamental studies of the origin of spin-spin interactions, Hund's rules, and such.
Annual visits to Sendai.
Mohammad Khazaei (Materials Research Center for Element Strategy, Tokyo Tech)
Prof. Khazaei is our key collaborator related to MXene studies
Before present appointment at Tokyo Tech, Prof. Khazaei was working in Ohno group at YNU
University of Tokyo
HR spent a year working with Prof. Satoshi Watanabe (Department of Materials Science) long time ago. The other person (still around) from that era is Yoshihiro Gohda (Department of Physics). We also have more recent collaborations with Profs. Koichi Yamashita and Giacomo Giorgi from the Department of Chemical System Engineering, as well as Prof. Atsushi Oshiyama from the Department Applied Physics.
Prof. Gohda was an external referee for the MSc thesis of Takeshi Fujita (2011).
HR visit to Oshiyama group Jan 30, 2009.
HR visit to Yamashita group Feb 5, 2010.
Osaka University
Theory collaboration with Profs. Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida and Kazunori Sato regarding magnetic semiconductors, phase separation, theory of magnetism, etc. Experimental collaboration with Shuichi Emura regarding multiwell quantum dots and defects in nitrides.
HR multiple visits to Yoshida lab Osaka U. (2004, 2005, 2008).
Prof. Sato visit to SSMT Jun 6, 2009.
Dr Emura visit to SSMT Nov 9, 2009.
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