Yokohama National University
Graduate School of Engineering | Faculty of Engineering Science
Department of Physics
Contact: Hannes Raebiger (hannes [AT]
Access: YNU General Research Building W704 & W707.
Group overview
The SSMT was founded in 2008 by Hannes Raebiger, and ever since people have been coming and going. See here for a list of group members, ex-members, friends, and collaborators.
Tools and Facilities
We have our own linux cluster, and make extensive use of shared supercomputer facilities. A brief overview of methods and programs used is also given.
Past, present and future research projects introduced. An overview of what we are doing. Prospective students should have a look here.
Studentships and job opportunities. Prospective students should have a look here.
Lists of published works, papers, conference presentations, and other activities worth mentioning.
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